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Creating Wealth, Restoring Balance and Empowering Self-Governance

Credit-Based Currency For The People

Universal Community Trust [UCT Token] and UCT Cash are innovative new cryptocurrencies utilising the latest cutting-edge blockchain and market maker technology, for the purposes of creating wealth, restoring balance and empowering the self-governance of indigenous sovereign micronations. These currencies are brought to you under Universal Community Trust, an independent, autonomous, government-free jurisdiction, where the rights of the individual are protected from the tyranny of the collective. We invite you to join us in reshaping the world, with credit-based currencies which return the power to create money to the people.

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UCT Token and UCT Cash

UCT Token is the first ERC20 asset to represent tax-exempt, non-judicial common law digital damages pay-outs.

Indeed, it is the very first token of its kind on any cryptocurrency platform, and as it is created and backed by perfected liens, to the value of the currency ledgered in the liens exchanged for it, it is also the world’s first credit-based cryptocurrency.

UCT Cash, also an ERC20 asset, is UCT’s credit-based stablecoin and is created and backed by UCT promissory notes [Bearer Bonds], rather than liens.

UCT Cash gives UCT communities the power of their own cryptocurrency asset and sets in motion the enthusiastically anticipated UCT Co-operative Trade Network and marketplace.

Why this Changes Everything

Cryptocurrency is one of the boom industries of the the past decade because it has the power to place control back into the hands of the many rather than the few. Brought to you by Universal Community Trust, UCT Token and UCT Cash take this one step further by utilising cutting-edge blockchain and market maker technology to transform how we think about money, trade and governance. With these twin currencies, UCT Token and UCT Cash, the founders are aiming to empower humanity by creating the means to settle debts, purchase land and resources and to facilitate a world in which we can all live in freely in peace and sustainable abundance under Natural Law. UCT Token also represents the world's first non-judicial, tax-exempt remedy for any party who has been injured by any civil wrongdoing, when the so-called Justice System has failed them.

About Universal Community Trust

Initially declared by the founding sovereign, Michael O'Bernicia, in the summer of 2010, Universal Community Trust was formally created by international treaty on 21 June 2012. The UCT Treaty was ratified by 25 sovereign, autonomous, indigenous British micronations, which exist within the jurisdiction of Universal Community Trust, under the guiding principles of Natural Law and outside the jurisdiction of central government. Current UCT communities consist of more than 1,200 people, whilst many others are in the process of forming their own Sovereign Community Trusts across the world. This means that UCT Token and UCT Cash already have a long-established community which is passionately committed to driving the project forward.

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Our Vision

The far-reaching aims and objectives of the UCT tokens project are as follows:


To develop truly decentralised cryptocurrencies, offering unique benefits to both UCT's community of autonomous micronations and potential investors in other jurisdictions.


To create UCT Token [UCT] as a representation of the satisfaction and exchange of perfected common law liens, which will always correspond with the value of UCT in circulation.

Cutting Edge

To utilise the very latest, cutting-edge technology, enabling continued development of the UCT Currency Project through all future technological advancements.


To create currencies which are digital representations of perfected liens and UCT promissory notes, which will be held in secure vaults, in order to provide reserves for a thriving UCT marketplace.


To establish UCT Token and UCT Cash as valuable, stable, usable and technically advanced, credit-based, digital assets, in the increasingly crowded and chaotic DeFi market place.


To develop community-enabling cryptocurrency tokens which are easily exchangeable for other crypto, fiat, and for goods and services in the UCT marketplace, thus maximising usability, fungibility and flexibility.


UCT Token [UCT] and UCT Cash [UCTC] are ERC20 tokens, created on Ethereum blockchain (now on Polygon network) via the Dodoex platform, and will soon be easily exchangeable for other crypto and fiat via various exchanges. Read more below.


Everything you need to know about concept, project vision, development, testing, growth forecast, tech specs, marketing and our Development Team.

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Concept development and testing

The project was borne out of years of research into the increasingly tight economic and financial restraints of the current debt-based financial system, as a way forward for ordinary people to build and futureproof their livelihoods and wealth. 

In May 2021, UCT Token was created on Dodoex and tests involving airdropping, trading and liquidity pools were conducted.

Conversion of value

An initial perfected lien worth £207,075,200 was exchanged into UCT Token, with close to £7 billion more in liens to be converted initially as the project progresses.

UCT Cash, UCT Token’s twin currency, was created on Dodoex, and 207,075,200 of each token was added to paired liquidity pools on Dodoex, setting in motion the 1-1 pegging of these two tokens.

Tokenisation and liquidity pools

During May and June 2021, UCT community members received airdrops of one or both UCT tokens and successfully tested trading UCT Cash with UCT Token.

Various liquidity pools were created with UCT Token and UCT Cash,  pegged to a 1-1 value, as well as with ETH, DAI, BNT and other decentralised assets and stablecoins.

In September 2021, we moved the project to Polygon network, a sidechain of Ethereum, for the numerous benefits Polygon offers, including lower gas fees and faster transaction times.


In 2021 and 2022, crowdpooling campaigns will be launched on Dodoex, aimed at raising matching UCT/UCTC liquidity in WETH, DAI, WMATIC, and other tokens/stablecoins.

Liquidity pools will be carefully managed for maximisation of long-term growth. Investors are invited to partake in this ICO project and beyond, with exciting projected growth opportunities. 

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