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Tutorials and Guides

UCT tokens are on the Polygon / Matic Mainnet (not Ethereum Mainnet). In order to prepare to transact with them, there are some steps you need to follow.
The videos and instructions will guide you through these processes. … Read More

Token Contract Addresses

UCT Token | Universal Community Trust | UCT Ethereum Contract Address: 0xcc7dcc3f649cb3932857d4edc6268e0ef4960995 Details on Etherscan: UCT Token Polygon Contract Address: 0xfd5962484BE2c3574D70131BF5D452CcC7C69F67   UCT Cash | UCT Utility Token | UCTC Ethereum Contract Address: 0x2707ab358b5383d087fe4736da36c1c70179e3bd Details on Etherscan: UCT Cash Polygon Contract … Read More

Recommended Digital Wallets

To transact with UCT Token, UCT Cash and other cryptocurrencies, you’ll need at least one of these digital wallets – we recommend Metamask as a minimum, but for added security, also a hardware wallet. Both Metamask and Atomicdex are free. … Read More

What is Universal Community Trust?

UCT, through the Treaty of Universal Community Trust (also called UCT Treaty), is a structured mechanism which sets out to protect you, your family and community, as well as your land, house, material items, and most importantly, your rights and freedoms. … Read More

UCT Tokens: World-Changing World Firsts

Rising from the ashes of an unsustainable, debt-based financial system, UCT Token is the world’s first credit-based cryptocurrency created to address these wrongs. Universal Community Trust has a pool of perfected liens valued at £7 billion, which will form part … Read More

Getting Started with Cryptocurrency

Why all the ‘hype’ around cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrencies are essentially digital currencies and have become attractive investments, because they often grow in value and can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, products or fiat (traditional, central bank issued currencies like dollars or pounds). Cryptocurrency … Read More

Welcome from the Founder

A welcome from Michael O’Bernicia, founder of the UCT Token project. Warm Salutations to One and All. Welcome to the home of UCT Token and UCT Cash, the first currencies of Universal Community Trust [UCT], the genesis of which was … Read More