Changes to Metamask Settings for Matic Mainnet

This week has seen some congestion issues on the Polygon network / Matic Mainnet, with related downtime.

In order to alleviate some of these issues affecting your Metamask wallet, we are recommending that you change the New RPC URL in your network settings of your Metamask wallet.

Some things to note: If you have NOT already configured Matic Mainnet in your Metamask wallet, please go and do it here first:

Then come back to the following short tutorial video.

Change Network Settings for Matic Mainnet in Metamask

Video tutorial walking you through: 

  • How to change network settings of your Metamask wallet, in order to update the Matic Mainnet configuration of your Metamask wallet.

Some things to note:

Making this change should help Metamask use a variety of servers rather than one, thus avoiding congestion on Matic Mainnet.


The updated settings you will need in order to configure Matic Mainnet in Metamask are as follows:

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