Recommended Digital Wallets

To transact with UCT Token, UCT Cash and other cryptocurrencies, you’ll need at least one of these digital wallets – we recommend Metamask or similar as a minimum, but for added security, also a hardware wallet.

Most software wallets are free. Hardware wallets do have a cost, but are worth it for the extra security.

Tutorial videos and instructions:

Metamask is a digital wallet in the form of a browser extension for desktops or mobile phones.

In order to transact, you will need to connect your Metamask wallet to a crypto exchange platform like Dodoex, 1inch or Uniswap.

Download from:

Positives: Can be configured to Matic Mainnet, which is essential for UCT tokens. Once installed as a browser extension, it’s easy to access and link to from crypto exchange platforms.

Watch out for: Tight security protocols are in place, but as it is a browser extension, Metamask is regarded as a ‘hot wallet’ – so set a strong password, keep your seed phrase safe, and remember to Lock (Logout) each time.

Hardware digital wallets are plug-in secure drives, built with additional security features and software especially for cryptocurrency, which usually link with a secure app.

Purchase from: Ledger Nano S (also available from other retailers)

Positives: High security device – your private key is kept in a secure chip. Hardware wallet plugs into any of your devices via USB, and unplugging it means your digital information is separate and not accessible to anyone. Can also be linked to/used within Metamask.

Watch out for: It is a physical device so could get lost, damaged or stolen (but impossible to access without all your access details). As a physical device, it has limited memory space, and is linked to and used with its matching software app, Ledger Live.

Trust Wallet is a mobile phone wallet app for iPhones and Android phones. You can use it to buy, exchange and store cryptocurrency.

You can restore your Metamask or other wallet into Trust Wallet, or set up a new wallet in the Trust Wallet phone app.

Download from:

Positives: You can use it on various chains, including Polygon network (Matic Mainnet), which is essential for UCT tokens. Because it is private and secure, as long as you set it to auto-lock when you’ve finished using it, it is considered more secure than a ‘hot’ wallet like Metamask. 

Watch out for: Tight security protocols are in place, but be aware that it is connected to mobile data and/or internet when you’re in the wallet. You can set extra security protocols like fingerprint/biometric unlock and auto-lock. 

AtomicDex is a multi-currency secure digital wallet and decentralised exchange in one. It comes in both desktop and mobile phone versions, but stick with the desktop version for now, as on mobile phone you cannot enable/trade with some custom tokens.

Download from:

Positives: Sits on one device, and easy to login to once installed. Your AtomicDex ERC-20 wallet can be imported to Metamask. MATIC, Polygon’s native token, can also be enabled and stored in AtomicDex.

Watch out for: Only on one device, so must be accessed from that device (although you can import it on other devices). Tight security protocols are in place, but as with any software, make sure you have a strong password and keep your seed phrase on a different device as well as on paper.

UCT tokens cannot yet be enabled to view in AtomicDex, but you can get around this by importing your AtomicDex wallet into Metamask to view them there.

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