Participate in this Unique Project – Invest and Earn!

Participate in this unique project, and receive generous bonuses upfront when investing.

We’ve set up three Crowdpools on Dodo Exchange, where serious investors who are interested in boosting this project, can buy and stake UCT Token [UCT], with WETH, DAI or WMATIC – and earn big bonuses immediately.

Liquidity in the Crowdpools should grow the value and increase the stability of UCT tokens, making them an excellent investment opportunity, but also enabling UCT communities to form and thrive, and ultimately, facilitating an alternative, credit-based financial system.

The three Crowdpools will run from 07-28 February 2022, after which the staking period of 180 days will begin.

Purchased UCT will be locked-in for 180 days, and will then be available to withdraw, in a linear scale over another 180 days, in tranches of 5%.

Interested in making history, by being one of our primary investors?

If you’d like to know how to participate in one of our three Bonus Crowdpools, here is a tutorial video guiding you through the following steps:
  • What you need to have set up before starting, including installing a Matic Mainnet enabled Metamask wallet, and holding some MATIC tokens in your wallet for gas fees,
  • How to ‘buy’ DAI, WETH or WMATIC at an exchange which allows withdrawal via the Polygon/Matic network (the video example is with WMATIC),
  • How to add liquidity into our Crowdpools by buying UCT Token with DAI, WETH or WMATIC (via Dodo Exchange on Polygon/Matic network),
  • Understanding the steps and timing of your investment in the Crowdpools and our Bonus structure.
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